Citizens of Georgia protest Sochi Olympics!


1. Russia is an occupant and continues aggression
2.On the territory of Circassian genocide Olympics are hosted by an Empire which continues to shed innocent blood elsewhere
3.Russia politicize Olympic games
4.Shielded by the reason of Olympics’ security, Russia openly continues occupation of Georgian soil
5.Russia exploits Olympics to manipulate Georgian public opinion and demonstrate that might is right
6.Aggressor Putin will leverage Olympic to increase his popularity in Russia, that will open his hands for further unpunished aggression
7.We expect novel aggression when the Peace Games are over.
8.Hence, we call for entire world and political leaders
- Do not accept profanation of Olympic spirit!
- Do not strengthen an aggressor!
- Do not forget Georgia and Ukraine!
- Boycott Sochi Olympic Games!

Protest demonstrations will be held on Saturday, 1st February:
10:00 - Telavi, by the Justice House
13:00 - Tbilisi, in front of Philharmonia
15:00 - Gori, by the Museum Park area
18:00 - Kutaisi, by the "Clock Square"
21:00 - Zugdidi, by the Dancing Fountain

The event is organized by the "Movement for Independence and Euro-integration"